1. Celebratory affectation

Came up with a term, celebratory affectation, sure it could take some work, but that neither here nor there (nothing like starting off a blog with a cliche). Its complicated because it goes into the layers of other peoples escape in avoiding the awkward moments. This term, which can be taken wrongly and maybe seem over the top as i ramble on with efforts to explain this exposition so bare with me. Something i have observed others do with each other and more than often with the opposite sex has been a weird high five after concluding some sort of joining task. Its nothing ground breaking and it wont shake the world of human sociology, its more of an escape, a mechanism people do when coming into this situation. Something funny happens, and its especially hilarious in the exact moment when the two individuals lock eyes, i believe right then and there does this weird high five come into place. I’ve see this occur several times, at work, in the gym or at a bar where the inebriated lady celebrates a victory of a pool game (more than often, the women can win on her own skill-full accordance and not seeming like these are the caveman days, but this has been the longest known move of men, a seemingly genuflection, having the lady have her way, that in itself is its own story, maybe another time) . This could be just the early stages of a friendship or relationship. Its as though the human evolution of social manner has given us new legislation to which we’ve found some sort of middle grounds, a sort of resolution, instead of the cold handshake or the more intimate hug this high five has made itself available. The high five in my own experience was usually the ways of celebration that derived from fields of sport. Interesting enough though this has been something that was highlighted in my memory every time it occurs. Iam writing this blog in complete disarray because iam not one to usually leave my self with a writing task. When i actually would rather have an ear and a cold beer(wasn’t trying to rhyme) .This my readers is one of a few of things that i notice and i find fascinating in my boring times of unemployment. Thank you and please get the fuck out.


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